Our Goal

Joining forces within different sectors in the field of energy, area development and social innovation

Our Vision

Creating a sustainable society in which locally generated renewable energy is seen as a common good.

This creates new revenue models that fit within the broader trend of residents taking leadership and thereby avoiding dependencies on traditional energy ecosystems.

Our Mission

Setting up and support local energy organisations – Energy Commons.

In the coming years, ECI’s will also focus on realising innovative solutions for Energy Commons in co-creation and making proven solutions widely available.


Our Activities

  • Publicising Energy Commons concepts and the resulting transitions.
  • Promoting new governance models, integral and together with residents.
  • Encouraging the incubation of residents’ initiatives and encouraging cooperation by connecting residents, businesses, governments, knowledge institutions and non-governmental organisations.
  • Helping to arrange financial resources.
  • Promoting relevant innovative technology (hardware and software) and its further development, integration, implementation and activation.
  • Setting up programmes and projects with a symbiosis of human, social, environmental and economic values.
  • Replicating proven solutions, scalable and repeatable according to the model of an open source community.
  • Preventing supplier dependency by encouraging exchangeability and open standards, open data formats and protocols.
  • Organising scale by joint procurement for interchangeable, scalable and replicable solutions.
  • Creating and making available facilitating capacity.
  • Providing reliable and nationally/internationally supported information through a website and information packages and online tools, from energy scans to implementation and aftercare with a marketplace of examples from around the world.
  • Organising experiences for residents and local businesses through social media and gatherings.
  • Organising symposia, conferences and lectures.
  • All means that may be conducive to the purpose of the foundation.