By making our home more sustainable and with the introduction of the electric car, we are introducing all kinds of new technologies into our lives. Thinking of for instance solar panels and associated inverters, heat pumps, electric cooking, use of apps to monitor energy consumption, the electric car with battery, charging points for electric cars, etc. When installing an Energy Management System (EMS), various devices in our home will communicate with each other via wireless connections.

These useful devices, aimed at a sustainable society, cause electric fields and/or magnetic fields. By the way, our TV, the computer and other electrical devices do that too. This can raise questions such as: how strong are these fields? Do the electromagnetic fields have potential negative health effects?

Fortunately, we have an independent Knowledge Platform in the Netherlands, the Knowledge Platform ElectroMagnetic Fields and Health (EMV), which provides clear answers and information to public questions or concerns. The Knowledge Platform EMV includes: RIVM, TNO, DNV GL, GGD GHOR Netherlands, Telecom Agency, ZonMw and Milieu Centraal. The Health Council of the Netherlands has an advisory function.

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